Collaborations, Don Leicht, Stencils


Statement of work

Don Leicht

“Through the years, we have been very fortunate to combine what we do. I play my instrument. He plays his. And when the time comes, we play together. The greatest competition between us is to reach for the same goal aesthetically and conceptually and communicate it.”

John Fekner

“Collaboration has long been one of my preferred methods of working—for street art, paintings, installations, video and music. iXhibit is a collaborative project with Don Leicht, whom I’ve worked with for over three decades.”

“A cursory view of the work might elicit skepticism or laughter, but as the viewer becomes transfixed in a dialectical world, Don Leicht’s flaming crucibles of our apocalyptic times burn through the patina of absurdities and riddles. And always the question:
will the human spirit pass these tests?”

“The single-word narratives are not intended to limit or direct the viewer’s perceptions or reactions. We are merely inviting others to share in the dialogue of our vision.”





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