Toxic Wastes Earth Day 2010 (Wastebed 13) Re-Edit

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A few days before the start of National Park Week and the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, a major volcanic eruption in Iceland occurred. Whether it’s Mother Nature as in this case or man-made induced, these disruptions to our daily life create a moment to pause and contemplate the possible catastrophic impact on civilization and future generations.

Everyday in the news we see and read stories concerning toxic waste and pollution. Intentional or not, the burying of toxins in the ground and accidental spills are contaminating our environment, poisoning our communities, wildlife, rivers, streams, land and air around the world. Last week, federal and state environmental officials were assessing the health risk in Camillus in upstate New York, a small  community fighting an ongoing battle over a proposal to bury toxic wastes from Onondaga Lake in Wastebed 13 owned by Honeywell International. There is a petition that can be signed in support of a safe alternative to the use of Wastebed 13.

The concern over Wastebed 13 prompted me to revisit a work entitled Toxic Wastes from A to Z (Coming After You and Me) created almost three decades ago when the personal computer was in its infancy in 1981 (Years of transfers to different storage systems, and general wear and tear are evident in the video.) My project serves as a reminder that we cannot coexist with hazardous waste. The 1978 Love Canal tragedy was influential in creating the original work; now, Wastebed 13 has prompted the re-edit.

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Original Version Created
Summer 1981

Videotext Graphics
Information Provider System
NYU Alternate Media Center ITP

Original Computer Graphics
John Fekner

Original Audio Effects
John Fekner
Steve Grivas

Rap Chant
Art Students in
Don Leicht’s Class
P. S. 161
South Bronx, NY

Brave New World (Excerpt)
(Deep Sleep Society)
© 2010 Tomas Oakman

Earth Day 2010
(Wastebed 13)
Jeewon Shin

Special Thanks to
Fred Baca
Martin Nisenholtz
Dr. Red Burns

© 1981/2010 John Fekner

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