Detective Show, Gorman Park, Itchycoo Park, 85th Street, Jackson Heights, Queens, NY 1978.

Don Leicht, Gorman Park/Itchycoo Park, Stencils, Street Art

Gorman Park, also known as 85th St. Park, is among the first locations in New York to have street art/graffiti/stencils. The words Itchyoo Park were painted in large white letters on the front of the parkhouse in 1968. Additional street works were seen here in 1969 and again in 1977, 78 and throughout the 80s.The Detective Show ran from May 7-June 30, 1978. Artists were invited to create site specific work during April. Gordon Matta-Clark, Don Leicht, Lucio Pozzi’s “Painted Rubbish”, Frank Olt, Len Bellinger, Karen Shaw, Richard Artschwager’s “BLPS”, Frances Hynes, and Claudia DeMonte among others, created art work throughout the park.

Richard Artschwager

Gordon Matta-Clark

Don Leicht

Carolyn Conrad

Alan Bertoldi

Ted Stamm

Frances Hynes

Robert Rakita

Frank Olt

Rudy Montanez

Karen Shaw

Lucio Pozzi

Elisa D’Arrigo

Lou Forgione

Thomas Bang

Russell Maltz

Len Bellinger

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