X Americana X

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X Americana X
In the summer of 1985 without a studio to work in, John Fekner turned a Sunday painter using his car as a traveling studio and setup shop at a few of his favorite locations alongside a highway in Queens and a parkway in the Bronx. Fekner said it was the best place to work outside without being disturbed; no phone calls, only the birds and the whizzing of cars and trucks. A favorite spot was under the Long Island Expressway at the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway exit where he previously spray painted Trees, Toxic, and RUA Vidiot?

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Wheels Over Indian Trails

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Wheels Over Indian Trails
Fekner’s stencil Wheels Over Indian Trails greeted motorists and international travelers arriving in New York City at the Pulaski Bridge Queens Midtown Tunnel from 1979-1990. The message remained untouched for eleven years, until Earth Day 1990, when Mr. Fekner, feeling the piece had run its course, painted over it.

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Idioblast John Fekner City Squad, New York 1985

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This is John Fekner’s second record album. His first was produced two years ago by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Fekner is a visual artist as well as a musician. He is clearly associated with the East Village “Post-Graffiti” group. His word/images were shown at the Civilian Warfare Gallery in May 1984. IDIOBLAST is distributed by EXIT Art in New York. Read the rest of this entry »

The End of Reading in A Straight Line

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By John Fekner & Don Leicht

Turn Green

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Summer/Fall 2009
John Fekner & Don Leicht
“This is Art” Galleri Jonas Kleerup and various locations in Stockholm, Sweden 2009 Read the rest of this entry »

That Was Then…This Is Now

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Group Show @ PS1

That Was Then…This Is Now

June 22 – September 24 2008
Organized by P.S.1 Director Alanna Heiss


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Turn Posters Installed in Bayside NY

Poster and Video Project

John Fekner & Don Leicht
This collaborative poster and video project was specifically created and installed in Sweden, ranked (3rd) with Norway (2nd) and Switzerland (1st) on the global list of countries according to the 2008 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) produced by a team of environmental experts at Yale University and Columbia University. To see how your country is rated: http://epi.yale.edu
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Toxic Wastes From A To Z (coming after you and me) 1981

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Toxic Wastes from A to Z (coming after you and me) is a parody of a children’s alphabet learning aid which runs alphabetically through a list of toxic pollutants. Martin Nisenholtz invites Fekner, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and others to experiment with an early interactive computer graphics system (Telidon) at New York University’s Alternate Media Center (Interactive Telecommunications Program). Fekner generates colorful shapes and patterns in a deceptively simple lighthearted manner to engage the attention of the viewer concerning the seriousness of hazardous waste and the effect on both the general public and the environment. Read the rest of this entry »

Toxic Junky: A painting collaboration with David Wojnarowicz

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In 1983, David Wojnarowicz had seen my Toxic Junkie mural on the 2nd Street on the Loisaida of New York. He suggested working on some collaborations and we did a few in different media. David was unique, intense and extremely generous. He was a sharing and supportive artist in every aspect of the collaborative process; no matter what the final outcome might be; a painting, a painted found sculptural object, or a sound recording.

A Day With(Out) Art
Dec 1

The Sight of the Child 1983-2008

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“I find them everywhere. Discarded objects from another time. The old folks are the only ones who remember the magic these shattered wooden cabinets possessed at one time. Read the rest of this entry »