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Summer/Fall 2009
John Fekner & Don Leicht
“This is Art” Galleri Jonas Kleerup and various locations in Stockholm, Sweden 2009
The Continuing Story of the Space Invaders

The Continuing Story of the Space Invaders consists of Green-Turn Green, READ (The End of Reading In A Straight Line) and Renegade Space Invaders. Our intention was to create a message-driven project that was stark, lean and concise. Our concern is to raise consciousness about the environment through our art. Is beauty only seen within a gallery setting? Can it be on the pavement?  Is it on the street? On the glass? In a bank? Perhaps on a screen? Is it an observation, a critique or a question?

Throughout their careers, working together or independently, Fekner and Leicht explore a wide range of media from intimate poems on hand written pages, spray and automotive paints on steel and aluminum; to video and soundscapes using digital tools and technologies. Their work and installations addressing environmental and social issues have been seen in the streets of New York, and exhibited in contemporary and alternative spaces, galleries and museums, as well as in private and public collections worldwide.

Collaboration has long been one of my preferred methods of working—for street art, paintings, installations, video and music. I’ve worked with Don Leicht for over three decades. A cursory view of our images might first elicit skepticism or laughter. Hopefully, the viewer becomes engaged with the work. The ultimate goal is to rise above a superficial world filled with absurdities and riddles. Will the human spirit be able to transcend the trappings of social conditioning?

John Fekner

Through the years, we have been very fortunate to combine what we do. I play my instrument. Fekner plays his. And when the time comes, we play together. The greatest competition between us is to reach for the same goal aesthetically and conceptually; then communicate it through a collaborative effort.

Don Leicht




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