Another 4 Years(Edit/Elect08)

Multi-Media, Music, Video

Another 4 Years (Edit/Elect08) functions as a documentation of Fekner’s outdoor stencils in the South Bronx, but served as a reminder to vote on Election Day in November 2008. Most of the stencils and video are from 1980 when Charlotte Street was a victim of NYC’s financial crisis, greedy landlords, abandonment and arson.

Fekner does the lead voice track impersonation of Ronald Reagan and shares the background chant with Dennis Lattmann. The basic tracks were recorded on Steve Remote’s Aura Sonic mobile recording truck in 1984. Another 4 Years was part of Jenny Holzer’s Sign on a Truck project for the 1984 presidential election. This 2008 compilation video includes rare stenciled images, and features Fekner collaborating with Stephen Kwartler ( who remixed a new version of the audio track.

John Fekner (video editor, spray & stencils, music & words, voices, photos)
Stephen Kwartler aka (song remix)
Eliezer Parrilla (low voice/English & Spanish)
Lisa Kahane (photographer)
Martha Cooper (photographer)
Brian Albert (collaborator/PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY)
Don Leicht (collaborator/LAST HOPE, Birdfeeders)
Anthony Leicht (sprayer)
Jeewon Shin (book design & documentation)
Crash (collaborator/IN CASE OF NUCLEAR WAR)
Fashion Moda/Stefan Eins/Joe Lewis (the bunker)
William Scott (sprayer)
Dennis Mann (background voice)
Steve Remote (recording engineer)
Tomas Ekman (music consultant)
Richard Admiral (future shock)
Chris Stain (consultation)
Eddie Sayago (sprayer)
Ricky Sayago (sprayer)
Dave Santaniello (sprayer)

Another 4 Years lyrics

Do you know me I was on your block
In the rubble of an abandoned lot
I was in a suit it was so damm hot
I promised a jellybean in every pot
Well I’m here again in the same old spot
Decay is what I tried to stop
I knock down buildings on every block
Ranch houses on top of lots
It’s time for my nap I just forgot
I’m a White House cowboy the future shock
Gonna talk about the future
The future shock
Another 4 years we’d rather not

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