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Danger Live Artists

Fekner visits Fashion Moda in 1979 which leads to his installation of NO TV/READ which is simultaneously shown at P. S. 1 and Galerie S:t Petri -Archive of Experimental and Marginal Art in Lund, Sweden. In the window of Fashion Moda, Fekner creates an installation with a TV set, a stenciled logo and a statement in both English and Spanish in February 1980. Over the next two years, he reconfigures and updates the window with projects relating to the local community. The stencil messages are not only seen in the window, but extend outdoors to Charlotte Street a few miles away. In additional to participating in a number of group exhibitions, Fekner’s work is included in other Fashion Moda projects in museums, art centers, magazines and Documenta 7 in 1982.

Fekner paints Danger Live Artists directly on the the interior walls as part of John Crash Matos invitational show Graffiti Art Success For America in the fall of 1980. In 1982, Fekner curates a collaborative installation entitled From the Monkey to the Monitor with his own work, Don Leicht and Fred Baca. The opening features a performance by downtown musician and singer Phoebe Legere with her band. Glenn O’Brien reviews the exhibition in Artforum magazine in 1983.

Among the graffiti writers and rappers that Fekner works with on art collaborations and music recordings are Crash, Daze, A-One, Lady Pink, Bear 167, Toxic, EZ Gee, Koor and Richard Admiral. Fekner, Lee Quinones and Fred Braithwaite work directly on the streets of Washington as part of Streetworks, an exhibition sponsored by the Washington Project for the Arts in 1981.

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