Last Days of Good & Evil

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Conceived by street artist John Fekner, City Squad consisted of musicians and non-musicians, and functioned as a musical extension to the Queensites outdoor stencil projects.

When The Future Collides With History

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Performed by the John Fekner City Squad. Music & lyrics by John Fekner (voice) & Dave Santaniello (vocal). Animation and graphics by Andrew Ruhren and John Fekner and students from Southampton College, edited by Fred Baca. Thanks to Steve Grivas for playing the bass, deejaying pirate radio station (WHAT) in Jackson Heights, NY and encouraging me to pursuing the audio fun. This one’s goes out to Larry and Nancy Mullins. Dedicated to the memory of our best buddy, Dave Lella.

John Fekner’s Music

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Fekner formed his own band City Squad in 1983 which was composed of musicians and non-musicians as an extension of Queensites, a group of teenagers from Jackson Heights who assisted with the outdoor stencil work.

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John Fekner’s Environmental Stencils 77-79 (Excerpt)

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Black and White+8mm 14 min. (collaboration with Fred Baca)

John Fekner began experimenting with video and audio, working with Fred Baca on Environmental Stencils 77-79, a grainy, grim, raw, b&w 8mm film/video that not only documents Fekner’s stencil projects, but is also a bleak portrait of New York City in ruins.

The Glitches Series

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These 2 short conceptual videos are part of the Glitches series, made by John Fekner in 2002.

Once Upon A Time

Decay Glitches

Space Invaders Since 1982

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Space Invaders is an ongoing collaborative project by Fekner and Don Leicht that began in 1982 with the cut metal painting Your Space Has Been Invaded-Our Children are Fighting a Terrible War. Whole Families are being led to the Battlescreen. It functions as an observation, critique and question about media control of the social space of our families.


John Fekner & Don Leicht


“Our children are fighting a terrible war. Whole families are being sent to the battlescreen” 1982

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Charlotte Street, South Bronx, NY August 1980

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Broken Promises

The Charlotte Street Stencils were painted during the last week of July and the first week of August 1980. John Fekner stencils Broken Promises, Falsas Promesas, Decay, Broken Treaties, Last Hope and Save Our School on the walls and buildings of Charlotte Street in the South Bronx. The message of Fekner’s stencils focus on pointing out the deteriorating conditions and issues that have plagued the community since the 1960s. Fekner’s purpose is to call attention to inadequate housing, poor services and the deplorable social problems afflicting the neighborhood residents for the past two decades.

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Kinder auf der Flucht/Children on the Run

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John Fekner & Don Leicht
KunstBuroBerlin, Germany
Kinder auf der Flucht/Children on the Run
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Beauty’s Only Street Deep

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Wooster on Spring

Dec 15-17, 2006
John Fekner & Don Leicht
Beauty’s Only Street Deep
Wooster on Spring
Candle Building, 11 Spring Street NYC

Photo by Jeewon Shin
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Another 4 Years(Edit/Elect08)

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Another 4 Years (Edit/Elect08) functions as a documentation of Fekner’s outdoor stencils in the South Bronx, but served as a reminder to vote on Election Day in November 2008. Most of the stencils and video are from 1980 when Charlotte Street was a victim of NYC’s financial crisis, greedy landlords, abandonment and arson.

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